Mission Statement

Live Like Cameron is a local non-profit created in 2017 in memory of Cameron Fulling, who battled brain cancer for seven years. Cameron passed away on April 6th, 2017, just 12 days short of his 10th birthday.

The mission of Live Like Cameron is to provide financial assistance through gift cards or financial donations to families with children that have been diagnosed with cancer, and to give children comfort during hospitalizations by providing soft bedding and care packages.

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What We Do

Live Like Cameron was started because our family knows firsthand the financial burden that having a child with cancer can be. Our goal is to raise money / gift cards to help the parents / guardians with everyday expenses. Doing this will free up other money to be used for medical bills.

Another program we are initiating is providing the children with care packages and soft bedding to have during their hospital stays. The softer bedding aspect of this program was inspired by Cameron’s dislike for hospital sheets. We always had to make sure that we had soft sheets and blankets from home. The care packages aspect is meant to make the lengthy hospital stays more bearable for the children. We want to include age appropriate activities in the care packages to make the stays less boring.

"I admired this brave soul, who treated life like it was a such a pleasure to live it, rather than suffer at the hand he was dealt. Cameron has a spirit that will live on through all of those he touched, which was so so many. And that is why his light is so bright....”

- Cindy Gilbert & The Flagler Outlaws Football Team