Bags of Hope

Live Like Cameron's Bags of Hope were inspired by Cameron's dislike of the hospital bedding. He would always say that “the sheets are uncomfortable and boring.” We always had to have sheets and blankets ready to go with us every time he had a hospitalization. We give each patient a questionnaire that lets us know of their likes and hobbies and we match the bedding accordingly. We also include decorations based off of their likes for their hospital room to try to bring a little piece of home to them.

We try to bring some joy by including in the Bags of Hope things that will help occupy their time. We know from experience that long hospital stays can be extremely boring so we always include toys, crafts, puzzles, games, books, etc. to bring them some joy and help pass the time.

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We also include in our bags comfort items for each patient. We give each patient a pair of pajamas and soft socks/slippers. We ask them what their favorite snacks are and put them in the bag because the chemo can really affect their taste and sometimes the hospital foods are the last thing they want to eat. We try to also include the parents by asking them what they need to help bring some comfort to them as well. Our last item on each Bag of Hope is a gift card to help with either fuel, groceries or misc. items that they might need when they check out of the hospital.

In addition to our custom Bags of Hope we deliver holiday Bags of Hope that are themed for the holiday. We currently deliver 42 bags to 3 hospitals in Orlando and Jacksonville for Valentine's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween and Christmas.

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